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I hate Christianity. I hate the churches and the public leaders of this religion who suck the soul out of Jesus. There is no deeper sadness that I feel than when I realize that these tyrants have stopped so many from entering the kingdom of heaven. Their pride and arrogance is only surpassed by their ignorance of the God they claim to serve. I am tired of seeing on the television and reading on the internet the stories that only further the public’s opinion of a Christianity that is filled with hypocrisy and hate. I blame no one who wants nothing to do with this false bogus nonsense that is called Christianity. This religion is so far from the truth of Christ. The great dilemma of our time that must be solved is how to rip this beautiful Christ from the grip of an ugly religion. Those of us who love Jesus must speak up and condemn Christianity for what it has become. People are being lied to. The smoke and mirrors of religion are leading them astray. And it is so blatantly obvious! The blind are leading the blind. The Pharisees of Christianity are crucifying Jesus all over again and their ignorant followers are handing them the hammer and nails to do it. Jesus weeps. And all those who really love him weep. He is mocked and crucified as the leaders of this great falsehood smile in the shadows clutching their money and power. And you Christian leaders claim the world is evil! No! You are the real evil. The world is just misguided and partly because you have not exemplified an authentic Christianity. Because of you God is going to die and his son will be forgotten. The whole world will pass into darkness. But then like a thief in the night Christ will return and you will answer for what you have done.


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‘Two Discourses of God and Man’ by Søren Kierkegaard

‘For the highest of human tasks is for a man to allow himself to become completely persuaded that he can of himself do nothing, absolutely nothing.’

‘But in the heavens above, my reader, dwells the God who can do all things; or rather, he dwells everywhere, though men fail to perceive his presence.’

‘And the life of each human being who does not know himself, is in a deeper sense mere delusion.’

‘There is no deception when that which can disappoint us does disappoint us, but rather must we say that there is a deception when it does not.’

‘This very minute everything may be changed, and whoever does not discover this truth is always engaged in basing his life upon what is uncertain.’

‘Alas, there are many who live in all other respects without a concern for God, but who nevertheless do not omit to go to church. What a strange contradiction!’

‘Nothing can take the stillness from you except yourself.’

‘It was terrible experience when wonder vanished from life, and man despaired of himself. But it is quite as terrible for a man to know all this and more, and yet not to have experienced it; and it is most terrible that a man may know everything, and yet not have begun upon the doing of the least.’

‘He is no longer intent upon finding the place where the treasure is, for this is right at hand; he no longer seeks to find the place where God is, nor is he engaged in striving to come nearer to him, for God is at hand, quite near him, near him everywhere, in every moment omnipresent.’

‘Learn first how to be alone, and you will doubtless also learn the true worship of God, which is to think highly of God and humbly of yourself.’

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