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‘You of little faith.’

You can move mountains!

But you’d rather explain mountains.

Faith is humility. Faith defies logic.

The idea of God is absurd. You can’t wrap your mind around it. And you never will. You must humble yourself to the supernatural by destroying logic. The unexplainable remains unexplainable through your faith that it doesn’t need to be explained.

Do you ever think about where you live? You live on a tiny blue and green planet floating in an infinite universe. Where are you? How is this possible? Did you know that the earth has the exact axial tilt needed for life?

One degree different and you would not exist.

And do you ever think about the heart beating in your chest? Who started that beat and how does it continue? How are you alive?

One little muscle. Thump…thump…thump.

Faith or explanation? You can try to explain the earth and the heart but only to a point. Explanation always ends.

And where explanation ends, faith begins.

The mountains can be moved. The choice is yours.

Godisnowhere. What do you see?


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