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‘If we are content to go back and become humble plain men obeying a tradition, well. If we are ready to climb and struggle on till we become sages ourselves, better still. But the man who will neither obey wisdom in others nor adventure for her/himself is fatal. A society where the simple many obey the few seers can live: a society where all were seers could live even more fully. But a society where the mass is still simple and the seers are no longer attended to can achieve only superficiality, baseness, ugliness, and in the end extinction. On or back we must go; to stay here is death.’

-C.S. Lewis, Miracles


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You are not serious about Christ. He is just a passing interest. He has no impact on your life. The songs you sing are for yourself. The emotional has replaced the spiritual. You have complacently let the world be your god. You bow down to its demands without a thought. But when Christ preaches a sermon on a mount you ignore it…without a thought! “My life is my own!” The ignorance of this proclamation is only surpassed by your selfish pride. Don’t you realize you were bought at a price? You are alive because of someone you proclaim to be your savior. Your life is not your own. You are in his debt. He died for you and you must die for him. To not do this is a waste of life. You must change your ways. The spirit of God is inside you. He is begging you to become the person you were born to be. Why do you feel restless and unhappy? It is because you have not yet loosened yourself from the chains of the world. You have settled for the way rather than the Way. You have traveled the broad path rather than the narrow path. But you say, “I’m too afraid!” Why? He takes care of the birds and you are far more important than them. But you say, “It’s too hard!” Why? His yoke is easy and his burden is light. But you say, “I’m too weak!” Why? He uses the weak to overcome the strong. It’s time to get past the excuses that you make. You have been alive, but you have not been living. Die and you will live. Be serious!

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Whenever I drift away from God, he always allows an event to occur that will bring me back to him. Usually, this event is painful. A good example would be when someone mistreats me. This certainly makes me run to God, who has never mistreated me. He has always loved me. So in the midst of pain, I find God again. It’s interesting how pain and God are connected. Without it I certainly would not know him. I’d be ‘rich in spirit’ and have no need for him. But thank God I am ‘poor in spirit!’ I rush to him in my brokenness and sorrow. He accepts me with open arms even though I’ve been rejecting him. This is true love. ‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’ In my pride and selfishness, he lays down his life for me constantly. He counts me as a friend. God, the Christ, is my friend! Every person I have ever known has failed me in some way, but this God never has. He refuses to leave me alone. Out of love he allows pain. He knows that I am better off with him. He will do whatever is necessary. I, of course, would want him to stop the pain. My immediate reaction is: ‘Why did you let this happen?” But after some time I realize how smart and clever God is. By allowing the pain, he brings me to my knees again. And this is where I belong. I am reminded once again that I need him. When I drift, let the pain come!

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