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Don’t Grow Up

When you grow up you lose all of your innocence. You find out how the world really works. It’s not as grand or as beautiful as you thought it was. When you’re a kid you just want to have fun. You want to enjoy life. You know nothing of war or poverty or love or sickness or sin. As you get older you see things you shouldn’t. You do things you shouldn’t. And gradually without even realizing it you become an adult. You become broken. You are not what you were made to be. It’s no wonder the Lord said to be like a child. He understood that you lose something when you grow up. You no longer enjoy this world that has been created for you. You become jaded. You become cynical. You no longer wake up in the morning with a sense of anticipation. You wake up with dread. Most would not admit it but the way they live does not point to life but to death! What has happened? Where have all the children gone? I remember the sense of excitement from just playing with my Legos. Maybe if I had that simple positive outlook on life now I would be much happier. By being excited about Legos, metaphorically speaking, I can live a much better life. Be like a child! Be simple! Adulthood has become so complicated and stressful. Most of the things we stuff our lives with are unnecessary. This is how we become adults in the modern day world. We worry about careers and bank accounts when kids just want to build their Legos. Kids enjoy this earth without even thinking about it. Adults do too much thinking and end up hating this earth. Maybe if we all decided not to grow up, we would all live in a much better place.


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